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La Peluqueria


The image, "hair salon" in Spanish, is not to se a hairdressing salon. But it's an anyway. And it's also somewhat a underground cultural center, a small gallery, a shop, and a tea room. The style is not to the liking of everyone, but the underground and Street Art culture is very important in Bogota, so it is important to be able to get a mini preview.

We recommend the Tearoom, an excuse to take a look at the rest. The passion fruit cake was very good. The choice is mini, but the products are good and organic. And we love the totally offbeat side of the place.

NB: the place was recommended to us during the graffiti tour that we had done the day before. When we came, the façade was a magnificent graff, will not perhaps more the case when you come because the city wants to erase all the graffiti of the Candelaria.

Responsible stance

It was noted that they valued organic, local, vegetarian and gluten, but especially that they were selling washable pads and communicate on the issue environmental and health of feminine hygiene products.

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