Picture of the place

La prairie du Canal

Bobigny, FRANCE

The channel in Bobigny meadow, this is the solution to go to the campaign in metro (if if it's possible you'll see). It's a place a little egg for all learn about urban agriculture and find activities, throughout the summer, for all children.

Created by the association Sage, here is allowed a farm ecological and ephemeral to fill the ' abandoned urban "and show people and cities that food self-reliance is accessible. The ephemeral side firstly lets take care of brownfield sites and on the other hand can go from neighborhood to neighborhood, sow and swarm. The farm also includes hives, hotels in insects, hop yard, barns, mobile forests of wild plants, old vegetables grown in straw, seagrass... The idea is to encourage them to discover urban agriculture and raise awareness of produce to feed.

The meadow of the channel offers also workshops to learn how to garden and cultural programming varied with including live music. Catering mainly from local urban agriculture for example allows to enjoy a kebab to the oyster mushrooms or vegetarian burger, thanks largely to the start-up box mushrooms.

We have not been able to go and take a peek, but it's not envy that we are missing. If you are in Paris and have the opportunity, tell us everything!

Responsible stance

All facilities are made from recycled materials and are reusable, biodegradable, or compostable. Half of map of the catering service from local urban agriculture thanks the many partners of the prairie of the channel and the beers are sure bio.

The prairie of the channel is also to give a holiday to those who cannot leave, including children and of course above all the outreach to all topics related to the agraecologie and urban agriculture.


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