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La REcyclerie


The recycling is the eco-friendly places to the North of Paris. This isn't a simple restaurant but a real life places: Let's go for a drink, eat, do yoga, attend lectures on ecology... Installed in the former railway station of the network of the small belt, the station d'Ornano, the recycling is a magical place, supported by a team of sweet crazy (and it works) to change our consumption: reduce - reuse - recycle.

There are constantly of the events and workshops of all kinds, to raise awareness and engage in festive mode: sale per kilo Emmaus, the party barter, the Christmas market of recycling, the REcyclotour to bike Europe of possibilities that values the iniatiatives officials in a European country per month. And other stuff fun... see the programme for more details.

The recycling is also, (René) workshops to combat the planned obsolescence where you learn to fix, we borrow tools and an urban farm of 1000 m², which can be visited. If you want, learn a gardening with Henri (farmyard, garden herbs and fruit trees, composting, 4 hives on the roof, a domestic plant jungle, a collective garden from 400 m², a barn...).

The REcylclerie has also opened his Café-canteen, a treat!

Responsible stance

Everything is eco designed, eco-responsible, sensitive eco short... an example of the kind - farm urban, community garden, place of sharing and solidarity. And full of great ideas...

A 100% renewable electricity supplier, Led bulbs and above all, the use of agrofuels in cooking oils! Even better than the bio-fuel, the recycling rents bikes all summer from noon to 7:30 pm.
In no longer need AC, you are watered by the mist that regulates the temperature of the plants. For best insulation rooftops are completely vegetated converted. This allows in addition to reducing air and enriched pollution urban biodiversity.

Here everything is used you will have understood and all the remains of the meal are sorted (in part by the customer) to be used best as possible in the farm. Coffee grounds also is used to enrich the Earth. And the customer can also bring its organic waste. Thanks to René, is also a struggle against biggest waste who settled. Here we fix instead of buy and also we borrow the tools rather than buy! Finally, many empty dressing and barter party are here organized.


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