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Le café-cantine de la RECYCLERIE


The recycling is the eco-friendly places to the North of Paris. This isn't a simple restaurant but a real life places: Let's go for a drink, eat, do yoga, attend lectures on ecology...
Installed in the former railway station of the network of the small belt, the station d'Ornano, the recycling is a magical place.

Of course, its Café-canteen is in absolute consistency... all through soft prices: €7 the cheese Board, €15 the complete meal (and good!), a hearty brunch on weekends, drinks House: bissap juice, juice of ginger, iced tea, lemonade and wine Bio per litre.

Responsible stance

The canteen commitments are in line with those of the place and the values declined around the 3 R's (reduce - reuse - recycle). Food is a "fresh, quality and often locavores". And when they say locavore, it's really local: an urban farm of 1000 m² with backyard, a garden of herbs and fruit trees, a collective of 400 m² garden is installed there. And Yes! And Yes, here there are chickens, aromatic plants, beehives, a collective garden and even an aquaponics system!

Regarding meat food, they cook 'less meat while remaining hungry'. The menu offers less and less meat, without being 100% vegetarian, but suddenly there is choice for everyone, including the vegan of course. Every day at least three vegetarian and a vegan menu, even we brunch comes in mode vege (€20) furniture is made up of parts of recycling ' and outreach to the customer to recycle because it rid him even his table by throwing each waste in the appropriate bin.

Breakfast + the recycling?
Organic waste from the restaurant are sorted and given to the urban farm animals." No mess - we tell you!

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