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La Roseraie

Villard-de-Lans, FRANCE
Eating Restaurant
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Located facing the peak of the great Flycatcher, in the massif of Vercors, one of the 17 rooms of this hotel-chalet green of the first hour will be ideal for a rest, well-being and gastronomy.

Restaurant: The kitchen is traditional but pimpee of a little originality through recognized talent of the Chief Johan Carion.

Responsible stance

The rose garden is one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy as solar panels which allow the production of hot water (until 2005), since 1972.

And were pioneers in other areas of sustainable tourism.
-Since 2004 the sort of paper, glass, boxes and packaging has been implemented, as well as a composter for organic waste.
-Since 2005, the building is completely isolated (double roof, exterior walls, double glazing, new boiler double combustion).
-Since 2009, the bulbs have been replaced by LEDs and energy-saving light bulbs.
-From 2014, all household products are organic.

In 2017, heating and hot water production systems were connected to the network wood and heat of the city of Villard de Lans.

In the plate products are local (trout of the Vercors, the pig of mountain, the Dombes bobbin or the blue of the Vercors-Sassenage...) selected among local producers and a few herbs picked in the garden and very much values the circuits short and organic products

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