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L'Ane vert Ecolodge

Essaouira, MOROCCO
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This lodge was designed in an ecological way that artists and travelers meet, at the heart of the Berber country. We'll pick a room all comforts, a Berber tent or a friendly dorm, according to his wishes and its means. And in addition it is possible to take surf lessons here.

I'm not gone, but nothing to read their site and their commitment, I'm fan!

Responsible stance

The ecolodge was built by hand without the help of machines and the traditional Berber tents have been stitched by hand.
All the constructions were carried out with natural, local materials: rocks, limestone, natural pigments, fur of goat and camel, hay and local argan trees and wood.
The furniture are built with recycled materials and all the dyes made with natural colors.

ENERGY and water
Their goal is to become completely self-sufficient in energy. For now a combination of solar energy and heat pump. associated with the taf already not hurts water filtration system.
Dry toilets are in place as well as a greywater treatment system, which is then used to water the garden.
The light is natural or supplied by candles or bulbs to low energy environmental PROTECTION
With the exchange of beach cleaning days are regularly organized.
Also on-site is used mainly natural black SOAP to not pollute the soil.
In the garden not chemical products, of course, but the use of compost from the kitchens and toilets.

Setting up a composting and still consumable food products are given to animals. Cooking oils are recycled into lamp oil.

All products come from local farms and are in season.

Part of the proceeds is donated to the Exchange, an association that promotes exchanges between local and international artists.

There are here for all the budget of the dorm at €10 night, up to the luxurious rooms of Princess of 1001 nights at € 75 (which is very reasonable)

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