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L'Artisan du BURGER


A brand created by Eric Robert best worker of France 2000 and a team recruited among young prodigies (top chef candidates,...) with the idea of renewing the widely maligned art of the burger salad. And it is successful. While we easily assimilate the word "burger" at major retailers little stew, here the name of craftsman from the Burger won!

The setting is nice with a set of small wooden benches, tables, sleek bar and rope, a home at the top.

Responsible stance

But it is especially the products that make the difference, they are good and guaranteed:-for declinations beef is meat METZGER, which provides (there is also a grilled chicken burger and a fresh salmon;)
-breads won senior artisan Baker creators of seine seeds;
-the fries are not fat knife and without seasoning (thanks for the salt you add salt of Guérande after), made from potatoes labeled terroir of Picardy (short circuit);
-the drinks are organic and craft and served in glass bottles (BAP beer: brewed in Paris / french wines bottled in Paris). I took a cold tea with delicious and slightly sweet basil.

There are several nice vegetarian burger mode offers:-"Floral Park" (mushroom of paris, feta, tomatoes, Arugula, parsley, lime, smoky spices sauce and red onion (on request it has not added me - I don't like it).)
-In mode salad: the "Parc Monceau" (quinoa, spinach, beetroot, egg pocket, cilantro...)
- and this summer: "the Monsouris Park" (mozzarella di buffala, tomato hearts of pigeon, crappy, olives, croutons, basil, etc) which is part of the collection of recipes ephemeral (3 months) invented by chefs. Nice idea!

Besides here we use hard dishes and recoverable bottles. If you bring your order packaging is eco-friendly. The decoration is basic raw wood and everything is nickel (including Handicap access toilets). The team is formed, available, friendly and happy to advise all part of responsible practices in my opinion.

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