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L'Atelier de la Cordonnière

Happy Spot Shopping Accessories
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You visit towers and lack of Bowl, drop you your shoes!
You're going to have to buy to be able to complete the trip. How sad and what source of unnecessary consumption.

That is not counting on Cindy, which opened a wonderful shoemaking in Tours and who can repair your shoes, see even better! And it also works for the handbag that breaks (Yes that feels lived!)

Besides, here you can sit to watch it work, welcome in a craft show! And it offers pretty little things handmade for sale, made from recycled materials.

It's sure that if I go through rounds, I'll take with me 2-3 small things that I care about and who derive a little face.

Responsible stance

Fix for less buy, that's the purpose of Cindy and the concept of a shoemaker, but Cindy goes farther in its approach and is doing its part of hummingbird.

She offers to repair shoes with materials made in France, a vegan leather, with rubber recycled...

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