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Le Baron Rouge

Montpellier, FRANCE

The Red Baron is a wine that offers simple planks but quality bar on the place of the flower market. In the summer you can enjoy a large terrace (beside other restaurant) and a charming interior winters (attention is small - probably need to book the weekend)

Responsible stance

The boss tries to think everything upstream to minimize waste, for him it is a question of common sense and costs, which does not prevent that the result is there: the trash is almost empty.
Therefore, the Red Baron is a signatory to the Charter my restaurant wasteful Zero.

A regular replenishment (1-2 times a week) of products that are already few perishable;
a coherent map where the products are used for several boards;
boards that adapt as the return of plates and that adapt to the clients;
A blank machine and boxes of conservation to prolong the duration of consumption of products;
Controlled rolling of the bread and the croutons if something goes wrong.

What was the greatest (in positive) it is this will not force the clients for consumption for nothing, the planks are generous and he will tell you, is good for 2!

There more that to make pesto with its tops of carrots and its skins and it will be perfect!

It should be noted a plant Board and a selection of cheeses


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Voy'actors comments

Ah bon ? Tant mieux :D

C'est vrai que sur la carte on peut constater que ce sont les mêmes produits qui sont associés différemment pour créer des planches originales. Mais je ne connaissais pas leur engagement. Tant mieux, psq leurs planches sont très sympas et le service aussi :D

décembre 2018