Picture of the place

Le bois de basalte

Manzat, FRANCE

Blending perfectly into the landscape of the chain of Puys and the country of Combrailles, in Auvergne, at the gates of Clermont Ferrand, these 6 cabins were designed by 4 young tech-savvy architects of ecologies. The result is impressive and original.

I did have the opportunity to sleep there, just to visit
-the huts accommodation: jewelry of modernism and based in nature, simplicity-common bathrooms cabin: each bathroom but all under a single roof.
-common cabin of relaxation where to dine and talk for hours with the founding architects.
And it gave me very want to stay to enjoy.

The facilities offer vacationers of the baskets breakfast or picnic, dinner, a sauna and Norwegian baths.

Responsible stance

The 4 founding architects wanted a project the least possible impact on their environment and sound so labeled Natitude.

Why they have chosen of the resistant materials, local wood sources little energy as polycarbonate. The cabins are extremely well insulated and heated with a pellet boiler.

In common huts the shop and small bar offers local products and if possible organic.

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