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Le Cart (Ethic étapes)


The Cart is an international stay centre which is open throughout the year, groups, families and individuals by an association law 1901, and member of the social economy and solidarity. You can organize seminars.

The options range from the full Board to the Bed & Breakfast. There are 142 beds!

Responsible stance

The Cart is strongly committed to a sustainable development approach. The commitment of the association in this area is also intended, by ripple effect, to influence the behavior of residents:
-Local and seasonal products.
-Waste sorting
-Waste reduction
-Use of ecological cleaning products - Limitation of energy consumption
-Player in the social and solidarity economy
And many other commitments.

In 2012, he was awarded the European ecolabel for tourist accommodation and is a member of the network ethic steps: qualities accommodation spread over the whole of the territory for individuals and groups. A solidary and responsible spirit that unites all centres, the encounter, Exchange, diversity and social brewing as principle of action. ethic steps, it's first ambition, if not the promise, another tourism, open to others and the territories and the affirmation of strong values...)

The Cart is also labeled for people with mental and physical disabilities.


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