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Le Citizen

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A hotel with 12 rooms, of which some have views of the canal St. Martin, which wants to be eco-friendly.

Responsible stance

Here the actions and commitments to be a hotel eco-responsible are many and listed on their website, here's an overview:
-the products are predominantly local, organic and or from the fair shopping
-the products are labeled as well as toilet paper
-linen is in fair-trade cotton
-the faucets, showers and flushing are equipped to reduce water consumption
-the sorting is done in detail
-bathroom products are offered in dispensers to avoid disposable packaging of individual products
-breakfast products are bought in bulk
-some products are packaged, in this case have been selected recyclable packaging
-The tap water is filtered and proposed in still or sparkling version (thus avoiding plastic bottles)
-Thermal insulation has been redone in 2010
-the heating is provided by pumps to heat

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