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Le Come and Tea

Montpellier, FRANCE
Coffee Shop Shopping

A small coffee shop / charming tea room in Saint Come Square, run by Sabine who offers non-stop non-stop coffee-tea-chocolate, pastries but also some savoury dishes: omelettes, ravioles from her home (the Drôme), tartiflette...

For young parents, here no changing table but Sabine is very understanding and will probably let you use a table or bench as for us.

Responsible stance

And of course if we tell you about it is that Sabine is charming, but also acts for the planet ...
- On the terrace you will find plaids and not heaters
- You can choose from organic cow's milk or oat or soy milk (no extra charge!)
- Your fresh fruit juices and smoothies will be served with a cornstarch straw (well ok that's the law, but she had started a little before)...
- The teas on offer are organic (in bulk of course, here no sachets) and the coffee is fair and comes from the Bun coffee that I love too.
- The cakes are homemade or by a pastry chef next door,
- Sugar for coffee is organic (damage it is not bulk on the other hand)
- Fresh drinks are organic and the dough to spread too.

And in the small corner shop you will find Mug to take away in Bamboo brand Bamboo, ideal to be zero waste when you like your coffee to take away like me.

And then also it must be said that Sabine holds the place she mounted 8 months ago with only one employee.

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