Picture of the place

Le Comptoir G "Gourmand"

Montpellier, FRANCE

Counter G, is a concept that divides two addresses on Montpellier. The creator of the sign, Sofiane Belli, assumes that sustainable restoration is more than a fad, it's a philosophy of life. And he's not kidding the boy.

Nestled in the Ark Jacques heart, in Port Marianne, the counter G "Gourmet" is a fast food having banished junk food that also offers, a corner deli to bring home the good finds. Here, no server: customer pays for his meal and goes to lunch on the banks of the Lez or room...

With efforts locavores, recipes are not all from the terroir, the flavors are often exotic (you said beef tataki?) Ah you prefer a wok at the oka?). A change of scenery culinary healty without breaking, it's not bad at all!

Responsible stance

The counter G is therefore firstly locavore: here, you will find only products of season: no Strawberry in winter, no pumpkin in the summer! Energy and water savings are significant. But the effort is much broader than that.

Each midi map displays of the "home made" with local, organic products and season. In addition, every day, a proposal veg, dairy, gluten (always take-out if you wish!) is available.

On the table, no set, towels or bread. The cutlery? Wooden. Counter "Gourmand", the sorting is done by the customer: a good way to raise awareness of the anti-waste practices. And it does not stop there: work lean, use of "ugly" vegetables and fruits... The counter G streamlines its purchases to generate a minimum of waste and maximum pleasure.

Ah yes and you convince: chairs are partly recycled champagnes (Yes) plugs. At your forks!

Bonus: Because be responsible is also share, the counter G gives unsold food aid associations.


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