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Le Comptoir G "Gourmet"

Montpellier, FRANCE
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The creator of the sign "Counter G", Sofiane Belli, on the principle that sustainable restoration is more than a fad, it's a philosophy of life. And he's not kidding the boy. Its concept is shared two addresses on Montpellier.

To the counter G 'Gourmet', it's meat that is in the spotlight. The principle? In this restaurant-butchery in short circuit, one chooses his piece, the team. The viandards will appreciate the wide choice of the pieces presented, of the meat quality at an affordable price: not bad!

And the drinker will appreciate cellar that goes with it! It is an original concept: we charge a card in euros to have access to a nice wine selection, with 3 possible dosages.

Responsible stance

The counter G streamlines its purchases to generate a minimum of waste and maximum pleasure.

Here, you will find only products of season: no Strawberry in winter, no pumpkin in the summer! Also, the kitchen works of new breeds meat regularly, all #MadeinFrance, all from short circuits, some are same bios!

Bonus: The furniture is eco-friendly, 100% made in house!

Yet of the bonus: because be responsible is also share, the counter G gives unsold food aid associations.

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