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Le Mas du Coupétadou

Vialas, FRANCE

The Coupetadou includes breakfast, yurt and table d'hote, all created by Stéphane, in the national park of the Cevennes.

The place is beautiful, quiet, and its creator was initially engaged in a process of sustainable tourism. You can choose between 5 rooms of the House or, more atypical, the yurt which overlooks the mas.

Stéphane kitchen wonder, conscious of taste, balanced dishes and attentive to the eating habits of its guests. It also offers spa (massages, hammam) treatments.

Remember to book as the place is very popular for its regulars!

Responsible stance

The farmhouse has been restored using local materials mainly: stones, bricks, tiles or re-employment.

Its concrete sustainable commitments:
-wood heating (local) for the living room (and the private parts of the Mas); the best of the renovations insulation
-gardening without chemical fertilizer or weedkiller (small vegetable garden, fruit trees); planting of flowers mieliferes
-limitation of water consumption (reducers on showers and tap), recovery of rainwater for the garden and catchment area feeding a cistern. Use of the drip.
-use of the washing balls for sheets with short cycles of 20 minutes; appliance of class A + minimum
-systematization of lights medium or low consumption (except rare exceptions related to very low use or aesthetic considerations)
-solar water heater (water) - product maintenance ecological
-waste sorting and composting for green waste not given to eat the chickens
-availability of documentation of ecological awareness and tools of observation of nature
-host table, as often as possible, with products from organic farming and/or local. Œufs (rustic breed) chickens in the garden
-installation of a sewage with vertical filtration bins...

The Mas of the Coupetadou - adheres to Cévennes ecotourism;
-is a signatory of the European Charter for sustainable tourism in protected space;
-has obtained the "Gîte Panda" label in partnership with WWF France.
-is the League for the Protection of birds (LPO) Refuge.

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