Picture of the place

Le Court Circuit


A bar-restaurant with standard short circuits and self-management is installed since 2010 in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon - Guillotière for respondents.

Cooks want to find the taste of vegetables in the past - but always season our taste buds. While the bartender makes us discover drinks from the corner, with a focus on small farms. Thus, all references to the cellar are be organic, be natural - not bad?

This isn't a place where you can eat and drink, we also grows. Programming is cross, with exhibitions of photos, paint, street art and Exchange on a regular basis (all about two months)

Responsible stance

The choice of suppliers is still a thorny issue. Here, the name of the institution makes sense.

By betting on local producers providing fruits and vegetables quality and season, it is the choice of local and sustainable (and agriculture organic wherever possible) is done. And the circuit short is not just good for the planet, it bypasses the major distribution networks while ensuring a fair return to the farmers. Well done children!

And the customer is not the joke: the products are cooked and served at prices lower than or equal to many other restaurant.

Self-management, it turns out! The property is a Cooperative Society and participatory (SCOP), which means that it is up to workers who work there. In bulk, it is also democracy in company with the principle "one man one vote" for the daily management as for broad strategic directions. But it is also the obligation to make the squirrel with profits to hold if it gets rough... Anyway, a not insignificant legal status at all, which says a lot about the spirit of the tenants :)

And more, if you are tempted by a suspended coffee it is possible and there are daily plate Veggie for those interested.


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