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Le Hood

Montpellier, FRANCE
Coffee Shop Restaurant

A canteen coffeeshop I like (even if it's true that there are more and more - but too bad I kiff anyway)... Here they call it a California canteen...

It has been several times I passed by. Logical, the Hood is ideally located street of the old mail, one of the lovely pedestrian streets in the heart of Montpellier. And so, I figured it was the perfect place for a little co-working. Finally, it is for lunch that I tested it and I was not disappointed. On the menu for me avocado toast and a Pink (cold pressed base including beet juice) and for dessert a Chai tea Latte. For my Sidekick a quinoa salad, a homemade lemonade and a carrot cake.

All was delicious, but as often in "California canteens", a little expensive. A formula €9 is still proposed. We we had each for €20 all round. I still heartily recommend you because in addition to being good the service is very nice and the decoration on top (are books everywhere!). And the next time I just test the brunch or breakfast (Breakfast all day I looove - it must be the Californian side!)

Responsible stance

A menu where there is a wide choice of Veggie
Fresh and all home made, including superb lemonade without sugar added and the iced tea
Teas organic (but not all)

Straw plastic in my glass
Many products that we should avoid to eat (even if I eat and I love it too): quinoa, lawyer, seed of chia...

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