Picture of the place

La mer du Nord, à Vélo


Drive along the coast between Bruges and Amsterdam's grandiose!

Eyes on the dunes, sky landscape open, feels vivifies by sea air. The rays of the Sun pierce the fluffy clouds of the Dutch sky, we fully live this moment of freedom.
Here in the Netherlands, cycling is second nature. The bike trails are countless, even on the coast or in remote places. There are more benefits of the cyclo trip. It is a way of to the environment, which allows us to keep a good physical shape, some humility and a realistic about our expectations and our limitations.

In a world where we live sometimes too fast, the bike reminds us to live slowly, taking the time to look at what surrounds us, and to smile at the meetings that lie in our path, which often convey beautiful messages.

We went to Bruges by train. Once in the Netherlands, trains are very easy to use with bikes, to get from one city to another.

Responsible stance

-Enjoy paths on this side!
-Allows the slow tourism...


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