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Le One Foot Inn du Vieux port

Marseille, FRANCE

Vincent is 24 years old, after a hotel school and internships in the large hotel, as he loves his city Marseille, he embarks with his brother and his sister-in-law to keep the family home, in a Bed and Breakfast "smart and sustainable." It just opened and it's successful!

Near the old Port, restored lavish loft with 4 rooms, everything or almost in recycling material: floor to ceiling windows, a terrace sunny, spacious, full of books.

Plus they are very available, I disturbed them 4 times, because I got lost.

Responsible stance

They have almost all redone only with of the materials from recycling (Roman, Sc po and Mba) made of wood with the falls of the Prosecutor's office furniture. Large windows limit the need for heating and light (air conditioning system).

Well done sorting, limiting the use of water. Organic and Vegan on request. They build a network with the locals to discover the Four des Navettes (organic bakery) or the smell of the time (small library) and the Ecoballades a regret: the coffee has capsules - even, if he goes to the trouble to bring back them to the store aware that stuff so NT polluting and non organic household products - easy to improve!

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