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Le Panier d'Aimé

Montpellier, FRANCE
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The basket of love is a delicatessen in the heart of the old Montpellier, created by two lovers of good things to eat and named after the grandfather. James and Nathalie course the France and sometimes the world, to find the right products, the know-how and the local producers and we share. We can discover more than 1700 products!

From time to time are also organized evenings of tasting, to discover some products and meet with other gourmet/gourmet.

Learn more about Anne and David's favorite treats that have recommended us Hotel locavore via the www.danslesillagedanne.com blog

Responsible stance

The products are mainly regional - good to us.
But James and Nathalie, do not hesitate to go further to get a wonder, always in a small craft and talented producer.

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