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Le Présage

Aubagne, FRANCE
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The omen, it is firstly the story of Pierre - André Aubert, an aerospace engineer who becomes Cook in 2010. He knew the existence of solar ovens: they are used for a long time in countries of the South, for the collective kitchen and in recent years, in the "camping BBQ" RADIUS. But to use pro, nothing at all! Mind, he is working on his "kitchen piano", to emerge at an open-air restaurant (necessarily otherwise the Sun is not...)

Open early October 2016 in the form of an association, experience won over customers and will be renewed as soon as the weather! On the menu, vegetarian mainly, in mind "locavore and organic, but accessible": count 15 EUR for the first course, formula, dessert.

Responsible stance

Here is the total. The Cook you cooking dishes with a solar oven that is adapted to the world of the professional kitchen and does not stop there.

The products are local and in season, often organic. Herbs are picked from the surrounding nature: we can't do more "natural". The omen also offers (or even exclusively) vegetarian dishes.

The team manages its waste in a sustainable way, doing the sort but mainly by feeding with organic waste biogas unit! This allows feeding an oven and a Solar dryer (to dehydrate fruits and vegetables naturally).

Eventually, the project is very ambitious: greet customers in a former greenhouse, install a solar boiler of dry toilets, and even to acquire land to produce in Agroecology including restaurant requires...

The total, so!

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