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Le Reflet

Nantes, FRANCE
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The reflection is an extraordinary restaurant.

Restaurant gourmet, located close to the city center of Nantes. More than a restaurant is a place for sharing, around large tables where we meet for a real human and culinary journey!

Responsible stance

There is a generous cuisine prepared from local products and an extra-ordinary team: half of employees are people with down's syndrome, kitchen and service!

The reflection is intended to evolve the look that carries the company on disability and offer to individuals with Down syndrome gainfully all at the heart of society.

The restaurant is built on the idea that diversity is a strength. They are happy people, in direct contact, and coming up every morning with a smile. There is no convincing that different people are able to work, but that they can bring us something else.

To enable this, the restaurant has been thought through with plates: sitting jobs, a color-figure code allows you to communicate easily with the different areas of the room, dishes adapted (the imprint of the hands is inked by the) below, in order to mitigate the difficulties of grasping and bring confidence and stability in the service of dishes).

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