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Le Relais de l'Espinas

Ventalon en Cévennes, FRANCE
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This charming restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Cévennes invites you to rest, contemplation and solidarity! The reception will be done by employees, seasonal workers and volunteers.
Very regularly concerts, workshops and conferences are offered to the clientele and the locals.
The building in which you will take the time, has been completely renovated by volunteers (the works lasted 9 years). The goal is to recreate activity in an abandoned Hamlet for many years.

Responsible stance

This place is a cooperative, which works with and for the locals. This rich place puts in place many responsible steps, I will try to list them all!
Let's start with the beginning, the goal of this project is partly the creation of local jobs.
All the products of the restaurant are local products and largely from organic farming. Teas, coffee, milk, chocolate, beer... are all from organic farming. The goal is really to highlight the short circuits. You will be able to find all the producers on their website.
Vegetarians and vegan are also welcome in this place.
And add that all the dishes that are offered to you, are made-House

The bistro being a non-profit cooperative the prices are all small, it is a place accessible to all!
Moreover, it practices coffee/hanging products, which allow people in need to be able to have a coffee (a soup or a sandwich), paid by a third (maybe you).

The Association in connection with the cooperative sets up cultural activities and moments of exchanges in particular around the ecological and social transition.
You will find on the floor a place to deposit goods of which we no longer have the usefulness, in order to make enjoy someone else in a totally free way.
If during your holiday you want a DVD or you have forgotten your book, do not hesitate to borrow one here, you will leave your coordinates and you will return it before you leave.
Volunteer work days allow the Association to continue to develop and create new activities and events. Why not offer them your help the time of a day!
Currently, the members of the Association are working to design the landscaping of the bancels that surround the restaurant for better accessibility for families (poucettes) and people with reduced mobility...

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