Picture of the place

Le Tablier Rouge


Œnophiles power and gourmets, this address should please you. Apron red, is before all a cellar of 150 references that part to independent farms. In addition, the majority of the wine (70%) is biodynamic ("natural") or bios: and, that's fun.

Apron red, is an also a restaurant. On this side, we're not left with a card ledoyen revisited sauce from across the channel. What break the belly for a very decent price (entrance, flat, dessert for € 20 at lunch). If you are followers of a shoulder of piglet with honey and spices or citrus and speculoos cheesecake, you've come to the right place.

Responsible stance

Side cellar, a large place is given the independent winegrowers in organic farming, or even to the biodynamic wines, always local!

The restaurant, the card is made of products of seasons from the market.


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