Picture of the place

Le Tandem

Besançon, FRANCE

The Tandem is a bar/restaurant that offers food and drinks local and/or organic, as well as evenings concerts, open stage, performances, photo exhibitions...

On its website the Tandem is defined as a bistro/boudoir, cultural and alternative in the heart of the historic center of Besançon. On the same site can be each day discover the menu of the day...

Responsible stance

Healthy diet and local, the tandem offers every day 2 including a vegetarian menus: menu vegetable garden. Menus that change daily are the guarantee of a cuisine made of fresh produce.

Managers have also ethical and social commitment in several areas such as culture or responsible agriculture. Dishes are prepared with a large part of local products and some vegetables are directly from their garden. Finally there is also a beer artisan local, the CUC.


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