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Le Vieux Biclou

Montpellier, FRANCE
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The old Biclou is a Montpellier association which aims to promote ecomobility offering cool and useful services around the bike:
-self-repairing of bicycle cooperative shops (one in fine arts and the other on the campus of the College of sciences)
-courses taught by a professional to learn about the mechanics or learn to roll into town
-assistance and ways to develop a personal project around the bike

At the old biclou it is also possible to buy a used bike, restored or not.

Finally, on the site it members have pooled their rides bicycle in the corner. Ideal to discover the region.

Responsible stance

And more participate in the promotion of ecomobility and to make it possible and accessible through its workshops, the old biclou also accompanies businesses and local authorities in this process.

The association works for the environment by allowing everyone to fix his bike instead of buying another #SaveBikes

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