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Le Vieux Mas

Saint-Marsal, FRANCE

In a catalan farmhouse of the 17th century, in the heart of a mountain nature of sight, in a quiet, Mary, Gilles and their four dogs you welcome summer with cottage and in guest rooms the rest of the year.

For everyone's happiness, there are 4 rooms, all different colors and a independent studio: stable (it's its name, but don't worry it is very comfortable, I tested, not haystack in sight).

The land is 20 hectares of meadows and Woods, 800 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Canigou (South side). In order to keep its independence, a great Catalan kitchen with corner fireplace and a lovely bread oven is available.
Breakfast is served on the terrace in the laundry or in the spacious living room. Night where there are tables of host are used the Catalan products and recipes.

Responsible stance

The old farmhouse has been restored, preserving the traditional architecture of the region with ecological materials (wood, stone, lime).

The sorting of waste, environmentally friendly maintenance products of the environment is in order. Water comes from a source of the field, all heating and a large part of the kitchen are made in wood (who is recovered in the forest - only on dead trees), hot water balloons and machines only work in off-peak hours. Finally, we can say that here the food waste does not exist, because behind it is still 4 dogs ;)

Are also available for many books (and a few DVDs) on local biodiversity and its protection.

School was recently awarded the "Gîtes Panda" label.

It is also an excellent starting point for many hikes and the observation of the fauna and flora.

So that you don't wonder you not, note also that Gilles practical hunting, and offers to share his passion (reservation), it does in the respect of nature and in a concern for maintaining the current balance of the forest - but it is certain that it is a controversial activity.

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