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Le village de Ungersheim

Ungersheim, FRANCE
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The village of Ungersheim is an Alsatian village entered a process of transition towards independence, energy and food. It is a model in France to develop the local work in the respect of the environment.

To the point that Rob Hockins, founder of the movement of cities in transition, has never "seen it". And that Marie Monique Robin, Director of the documentary sacred growth on citizen initiatives around the world (which inspired tomorrow) has decided to dedicate a new documentary: that is what is expected?

Beyond the curiosity that this constitutes in itself, it is in this village you can visit the Ecomuseum of Alsace to discover traditional trades in the region and its architecture, and the little Prince amusement park. And don't miss the festival eco-fair in November.

Responsible stance

The 21 actions implemented in this village include:

-a local currency, radish, allowing you to relocate the economy;
-8ha of organic gardening, managed in social reintegration, that feed the canteen in 100% organic, including for a snack;
-the municipal swimming pool is heated by solar energy;
-40% reduction in lighting;
-boiler collective wood;
-school transport by carriage: Richelieu, the horse plows also and it is a great way to raise awareness.
-the Eco-Museum is an attraction which also allows to transmit the traditions of some crafts;
-a participative Board;
-a communal garden that feeds organic baskets for all.
-implementation of an ECO - organic fair FESTIVAL

These efforts without raising taxes and reducing the operating costs of € 120 000 and creating 100 jobs instead.

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