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Le village des tortues

Carnoules, FRANCE

The village of turtle is an animal park of 2 hectares, where it collects and protects turtles and particularly the Hermann tortoise, the most threatened of France reptile. More than 2500 turtles are treated, high, then returned to nature. You will discover the clinic of turtles, hatcheries and nurseries, exotic turtles, ponds for water turtles.

We went there for our little road trip in the PACA region and it was one of our best moments. A true very educational rehabilitation center!

Responsible stance

Both refuge and place of education environmental, no doubt that this Center has its place here!

The panels are very very explanatory. Impossible to come out of here without being an expert on turtles. By the way did you know that turtles are part of the animals who live less well in captivity? Also the central message is clear: don't take turtles for pets.

Some examples of actions implemented for the rehabilitation of these small cuties:
-More than 500 turtles released per year
-Release, but the re-adapt to a more natural life, a pen away from the public, with a lower density and less artificial foods in which they are placed for 1 or 2 years, turtles allows you to successfully complete the exercise.
-Enclosure of research: every year, several researchers or students come to work on various disciplines. No studies are supposed to be traumatic or unpleasant to animals. This is normally only behavioral research, or on animals died in a natural way.

The little extra that I liked are souvenirs of the mini-market that for once are not the merdouillis made in China but from craft products all over the world.

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