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Leaf Eaters Café

Isla Carenero, PANAMA

The best restaurant in Bocas del Toro and the only restaurant 100% vegetarian. It is located on the island of Carenero, the smallest inhabited island, just across the main island (Isla Colon).

The cafe restaurant offers a great view of the sea of the Caribbean in addition to its delicious dishes, the best it has eaten the whole time. We had tested the plate of hummus and tacos, without regret it a second ($ 8 each). The restaurant is open only during the day. The afternoon is the perfect place to enjoy a milkshake (smoothie) original only made of fresh local produce or a cold coffee.

The owner went around the world on a yacht with her husband before settling in Bocas with his three daughters. In addition to the family, she hired locally. Our server was extremely nice and love interest that we wore in their approach.

The restaurant also includes a crafts and second-hand clothes shop...

Responsible stance

In addition to being 100% vegetarian and vegan options, all products come from the surrounding area and are bought directly from producers, doing so in the most traditional way real fair trade, including in matter of cocoa and coffee.

The store offers local crafts and second-hand clothing. A good opportunity for souvenirs because there is not that much (and the only place we've found to buy the fripe), even if we found the shop really expensive. A traditional handbag I bought directly at the community $ 10 to sell 28... :(

The only small -: the batidos are served with straws, don't forget to ask your no and ask them why they use, to force the idea should make its way.

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