Picture of the place

Lentil as Anything

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Nestled in the heart of the Park of the Abbotsford convent, in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Lentil As Anything is a solidarity restaurant, vegetarian and vegan.

The model resides on the values of community, the tables are large and share, employees are volunteers most and prices are not fixed, everyone is free to leave a donation according to its means. The restaurant works with a different buffet every day, made from fresh local produce, and a short card.

The goal is to allow access to all, a healthy and balanced meal. And allow all volunteers and minorities excluded (homeless, seekers of jobs, people with disabilities...) to learn the catering trades.

It is also sometimes of the exhibitions of local artists or small gigs.

Lentil is Anything developed, in total, 5 restaurant in Australia by the same values.
You also have the possibility to come to volunteer.

Responsible stance

-Fresh, local products.
-Donation of food, excluded minorities to the system.
-Insertion programs work and training in the hotel industry, for those minorities.
-Important system of unconsumed products, close to the optimal date harvest, to limit food waste in the region.
-Valorization of local artists through organised exhibitions.


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