Picture of the place

Lentil as anything

Doing Workshop Yoga & co Restaurant

In a super cool atmosphere with dishes very well cooked: from local, home-made (and vegan is :)) and many activities: Visual arts, meditation, yoga...) Discover the original concept of this restaurant associations.

It allows to pay what you want for your meal (price-free), or give a little of your time to volunteer, in exchange of the cover or activity. A beautiful discovery that this concept! There are 4 like this. Personally, I've tested that one of Sydney but few matter where, I am sure you will like it!

Responsible stance

-free price
-Vegan / Vegetarian friendly
-Fresh, local products.
-Donation of food, excluded minorities to the system.
-Insertion programs work and training in the hotel industry, for those minorities.
-Important system of unconsumed products, close to the optimal date harvest, to limit food waste in the region.
-Lentil As Anthing is a non-profit association


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