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Les Cabanelles

Valflaunès, FRANCE
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This place has not been visited yet, but was found by Cecile Dupire. If you know this place, you can add more infos about it by pressing the "I tried it!" button down on the right!

Difficult to describe in a few words the Cabanelles... is first of all an equestrian center turned on the well-being and listening to the horses. But it is also a cottage. Pretty unusual no? A cottage which is located in an equestrian center. In addition, shiatsu, homeopathy and aromatherapy are honored for their well-being and health.

I did have the opportunity to go visit this place, but when I saw that they also offered internships to yoga and horse (that I missed unfortunately...) I'll follow with interest to not miss the next day!

Responsible stance

Here the horses are fed with barley and hay without chemicals, the boxes are cleaned without chemicals.

Whether the equestrian center or the cottage, the buildings were built with natural and ecological materials (hemp, local wood insulation, etc.) and everything is done to make this centre as independent energetically. The owners are so advanced on this subject they give even training!


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