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A strange place I fell in love with, both shop (SlowFashion + SlowBeauty), small Coffee Shop and hairdressing & Beauty Salon - I'll be well remained throughout the day.

The staff is adorable, and knows what he's talking about when we ask questions about the commitment of the various proposed brands. I loved the General positioning, which corresponds to Voy' Act. That is to say that they offer brands that are vegan, next to brands that are fair trade, for example, or the make-up from leather zero waste, next to brands organic and natural. The must, they have an online store.

And for those for whom the eco-responsible brands are too expensive (we will not lie) is organized 1 time by me a barter!

If I was in Lyon, I will test out their brunch sewing: Sewing workshops with bio-fair brunch. Every first Saturday of the month from 12: 00 to 15: 00 (€45).

Responsible stance

everything - very committed

Side tea room
Discover organic and fair drinks

Side hair salon and beauty salon
The colors are of course organic and ethical without ammonia, parabens, or artificial perfume.

Idea cool, down the stairs, they will soon set up a Tablet for people with reduced mobility to watch what might be interested.

I was also very marked by their Tuareg jewelry collection, worn by the collective Timidwa, an association of artisans of Timbuktu. Coming from time to time carry out workshops in Lyon, but also there are low. A way to try to save these traditions which have life lasts right now with the release of the tourists.

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