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Les filles

Bruxelles, BELGIUM
Doing Workshop Restaurant

Table d'hotes for the girls, it's a unique menu that changes every day depending on the market, the seasons and the inspiration of the moment. All products are fresh daily, organic, farmers or artisan. They make the trip most often non-stop from the field to the plate. And then, we love to cook them to express better their flavor.

Girls, it's healthy and good for all, proposed in the relaxed and friendly two addresses of Brussels and Ixelles, or at home, in the office or at home in take away or delivery.

Editor's Note: Girls also offer cooking classes

Responsible stance

Girls undertake - to work with farmers and producers who follow strict specifications which they have knowledge.
-to use only products of exceptional quality, organic, farmers or artisan and offer meals at a fair price.
-to always put gluttony at the centre of their concerns, even when cooking preparations "meat-gluten-lactose-etcfree.

Deliveries for individuals are two wheels, mainly cycling to pollute less and enjoy more.

Side groceries, containers are mostly recycled or recyclable, or reusable (to limit the waste). The girls offer a selection of products cool and dry, mainly from crops and farms organic and local products. These products are selected for their qualities and their taste, from small producers who take care of the planet, animals and men.

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