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Les Filles du Musée Belvue

Bruxelles, BELGIUM
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A host table as we would like in more (Fortunately there are one in Brussels and one in Ixelles) and even more within a museum where it is rare to find something interesting. Here the girls settled at the Belvue Museum, the Museum of the Belgium and its history, to offer snacks and drinks 100% Belgian, a menu of the day, salads to compose yourself, sandwiches, something to make sweet and savoury snacks.
a leafy terrace and brunch Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

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Responsible stance

The girls is really a commitment for a healthy kitchen and quality with products, organic farmers and artisanal, local and seasonal. A kitchen House, bio, season, with Belgian and Brussels products from small artisans.

The little extra that we love: Thursday it's 100% vegan!

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