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Les Jardins Passagers de la Villette


The passenger gardens of la Villette are ecological and educational gardens. On 3000M 2, passenger gardens create awareness to environmental issues and sustainable development.
• It is an island of nature which is home to a wide variety of ecosystems.
• A garden with old vegetables, grown by gardeners of passage...
• A conservation orchard on a flowery meadow with fruit trees old and rare, I discovered the giant Vranja Quince.
• There is also a dry Mediterranean garden where plants grow without water supply and disseminate essences that give essential oils.
• A vegetable garden in the ground of 25 plots cultivated by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and the curious who want to learn about ecological gardening, it gives a nice mixture.
• A lagoon host plants of water, insects and amphibians and raises awareness of the issues of pollution of water by plants: phytoremediation.
• Finally, a refuge for bee Apiary domestic that works and allows to collect honey during beekeeping workshops open to all.

A break in the sweltering Paris. It of good the return to nature and really take your little ones.

Responsible stance

All the garden's eco-responsible, it should be noted in particular the gardening methods that encourage traditional and experimental practices: mulching to conserve water, seedlings of green manures, the recovery of rain water, the use of natural products and the production of compost.
Certification Eve® (space ecological plant).

The gardens are open to the neighborhood life, these gardens are a meeting place and transmission through cycles of gardening, the arts courses and fun workshops in connection with nature.

The gardens also have the Label tourism and Handicap to auditory, mental, motor and visual disabilities. with updated standards for people with disabilities: large tables accessible repotting, chassis and bins of gardening studied to be able to garden in a wheelchair, secure the lagoon, suitable floor coverings, tactile for models the visually impaired.

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