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Les Rencontres de Arles


The meetings of Arles is a photography Festival, the largest in Europe, taking place every year for 3 months from early July to late September. Around a theme that changes each year is not less than 40 exhibitions that can be found in varied places of an old chapel, to the former workshops from the train through a school closed for the summer.

I go every year for 5 years, and I have never managed to do them all. It's a real treat.
The smaller, tickets are valid for the duration of the festival so if you have the time to do them all it is possible to go back. That's what I'm planning this year.

It's an opportunity incredible as much for the photovores for non initiated. There are exhibitions for everyone and the side subscription also sometimes allows to discover topics or photographers that we didn't like. It is also a great opportunity to discover the pretty town of Arles, its arenas, its restaurant, its small cobblestone streets, etc... Not to be missed!

Responsible stance

For 5 years, I saw a real evolution in points "bars" of the Park of the workshops of meetings (the nonente-nine, the refectory,...) in terms of responsible consumption. This year (2017) the disposable tableware was biodegradable, including straws! In addition it offers vegetarian and drinks bio, as well as a delicious made in Marseille water ice (I tasted lemon-ginger-turmeric) and of course a sorting area.

This of course isn't the case for all, because some are more focused on a pure artistic reflections, but a good half of the exhibits so is no longer carries a strong message (and this is the case every year). This year I was marked by - an exhibition on Monsanto, who introduced me to the exactions of the firm well beyond GMOs
-an exhibition on the sahelo-Saharan area and the highway of drugs
-several exhibitions on Colombia (still a way to travel without leaving)
-an exhibition about a family of Roma of Arles

Of the 25 exhibition 14 sites are accessible in chairs

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just genial - moment a part

Festival de la Photo a #Arles en mode #Tourisme responsable - Un must et des souvenirs inoubliables - des efforts réels sur accessibilite et pratiques durables (restauration recycable), jobs de saison pour les locaux et cette année des thèmes d'exposition tres demonstratifs sur des pays ou la guerre et l'argent de la drogue ont rendu le tourisme dangereux, les Roms et leur version d'une culture particuliere. bref a must!

juillet 2017