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Montpellier, FRANCE

The hybrid is super well placed (Jeu de Paume), and the place is very nice. I love the deco mix of industrial and cocooning. where the Coffee shop marks its difference with its large 200 m² space where it is good to ask for lunch, coffee, or worked a little. In addition, an impressive variety of hot drinks and homemade cakes, the hybrid offers to the lunch hour, a dish of the day and bowl of the day.

And because there is a reason that the place is called the hybrid, inside you will also find a shop space in a trendy Parisian conceptstore. Ideal to find a nice gift: clothing, lingerie, small furniture, stationery, mugs, handbags leather, purses, clocks, lamps, candles, jewelry...

Responsible stance

Coffee-shop, it is possible to choose a vegetable milk for €0,50 more and cake there in general of gluten or lactose-free options. And sugar is available in bulk on the tables.

Restaurant side it is always possible to take the Bowl of the day by asking to replace the meat products by eggs, feta or counsel, but I confess that time where I did it, I didn't feel very well received (it was maybe a bad day).

Overall everything is home made.

Shopping, it will take well inspected what caught your eye because the choice is very eclectic. You will find as much clothing or objects of Montpellier createur.ice.s, small furniture of the Scandinavian countries or of products made in China.

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