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Lifou Island, offers many benefits: pristine beaches, steep cliffs, deep forests, immense caves. Lifou Nature is the opportunity to discover this little paradise, with the added bonus of the Hunete tribe culture. The young team of Lifou Nature, on the initiative of the Chief of tribe, offers guided nature tours to share their culture, their knowledge and the beauty of their land.

We spent two days with a small group of young people from this tribe, and it's one of our best memories in New Caledonia. Comfort was absent, but it was a great opportunity to be in contact with the locals. Between stroll in the forest to discover medicinal plants, Palm-snorkeling, discussions around the fire, learning of local knowledge (weaving, hunting crabs), it's really the best responsible plan we can found.

The itineraries are 1 or 2 days with different options: ATV, camping, fishing, picking, vigil on the beach of Ngoni, discovered Botany, history, myths and legends, bathing... And meals included except for the hike of half a day. For the price count of 2100 PSC (€18) for the hike of half a day up to 17850 PSC (150) for 2 days all inclusive. A bargain!

Responsible stance

Lilou Nature is above all an opportunity to meet authentic Kanak young people with the opportunity to learn and share about their culture and their way of life. Managed by local people who involve young people from the tribe and train them, ensuring a transfer of knowledge of the tribe and a distribution of profits among locals.

In order to attract tourists, the beach is a place protected by the tribe: the number of fish has increased since the ban on fishing, young people clean the beach regularly (and yes the tide brings back waste...). The camp is very basic, which limits the environmental impact: no electricity, toilets... Hoping that the improvements of the bivouac will be with renewable energy!

Use of local products and season for meals, a pity that the water be provided in small plastic bottles.

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