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Llullu Llama hostel lodge

Quilotoa, ECUADOR

Accommodation located on the Quilotoa Loop (Ecuador)
This accommodation offers small rooms or a large dormitory to accommodate hikers or mountain lovers.
Very friendly, good atmosphere, with a little llama that welcomes you when you arrive from the hike :)

This andean-style eco lodge raises awareness about water and waste management.
Vegetarian and vegan meals are available.
it also offers dry toilets.

On top of all this, it offers a magnificent view of the nearby volcanoes and this eco lodge offers free yoga classes :)

Responsible stance

- Awareness of waste management (proposal of lunch baskets for zero waste, information on waste management especially in remote areas such as the one where it is located)
- awareness of water management (information on droughts without the corner, on the difficulty of water supply, encourage short showers and the possibility of using dry toilets)
- vegetarian and vegetarian menus on offer

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