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Lodges Ekologia on Portibi Farm

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I found this beautiful address while looking to volunteer on the island of Java in Indonesia.
It is a very special place in the heart of the jungle where you eat local and around a huge table, where you listen to music with the Californian owner who will also serve you wonderful cocktails and stop talking about everything and nothing with you for a long time, where we take the time to sit and listen to the song of the mosque and the sound of animals or to go around and discover more and more waterfalls and rice paddies.
It is above all a hotel-restaurant that allows, as a volunteer, to meet people from all corners who come to share a moment in this place for a few days.
You can explode your creativity by helping in the kitchen, in the workshop, by drawing... You never get bored!
This farm-hotel-restaurant has a soul that deserves to be discovered.

Responsible stance

100% home-cooked cuisine, from pasta to bread to all cooked dishes. They have a huge plot of land where they do permaculture and they use it a lot for the consumption of the restaurant.
Plastic is forbidden there and all waste is sorted, organic waste is used to feed the many hens that roam everywhere or in compost. Glass, aluminum, paper are sorted.
The entire hotel and cabins have been built in an ecological and sustainable way with raw materials traced and respectful of the environment.
No network, no wi-fi, a real moment where you cut everything and you take the time to meet and exchange.

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