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Montpellier, FRANCE
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Shop cosmetics chain Lush, I'm always always mixed about this chain, first because the sellers are always very (political home) pantyhose, then because it is a chain, finally because we hear a lot of controversy about her. But personally, I continue to go there to buy their super strong shampoos that I use for 5 and a half years. I have tried many, and never found that suited me better. And overall this is in my opinion much better than many brands.

Responsible stance

The Lush string offers beauty products: creams, shampoo, bubble bath SOAP... handmade with fresh products and 100% vegetarian. Be careful this doesn't mean with products 100% organic and 100% natural - but it's not bad.

Some products are without packaging and may be interesting in a responsible approach, including strong shampoos and soaps to cutting.

And you can bring your small pots of products, they recycle. When you bring 5, you have a free product.

Lush is also committed against the tests on animals and don't use Palm oil.

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