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At the edge of the Quayaneri River, which descends from the natural park of le morne 3 Pitons in Dominica find the Foundation Made In Zio a place to spend time.

To stay 1 or many nights, we offer you, in nature, self-sufficient habitats built in wood, bamboo and renewable materials. A cabin, made of local wood, welcomes you for a comfortable night under the stars. The hut will be according to your needs, living room, kitchen, dining room, observation post of the surrounding nature. And if you are, you can sleep in the bamboo hut and pitch your tents on the ground.

And during the day, discover Dominica otherwise and in depth. MIZ is a hybrid place shared between volunteers, tourists, students and local Rastas and Indians participating in the projects of the Foundation. Yes, because here is not just a hotel, it is above all a Foundation, Open Source project that offers: tropical permaculture, seedbank, dissemination of knowledge old and technical Low Tech DIY... In addition to beautiful excursions to discover Dominica.

Responsible stance

Local hiring, barter and sale of solar kits, teaching and training, implementation of community services. To spread the benefits of modernity to the poorest inhabitants, local actions are carried out. The Foundation Made In Zion defends stand for the values instilled by Nature.

This address has been shared on 15/12/2017 by Frederic Renault , the establishment itself.


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