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Maison Chez Lahcen

Tissint, MOROCCO
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Lahcen home is a traditional Guest House which has 4 bedrooms. It is an annex to the guesthouse Dar Infiane, she even labeled green key since 2005.
Located within the Douar Akka was born Sidi and the Geopark Jbel Bani, in the far south of the Morocco, it is an ideal place for bathing in the atmosphere of the life of the Douar. From the House of beautiful ballads are possible to the nearby palm groves, towards 11 centuries-old salt, and the Kasbah of Tissint where the House was where hosted Charles de Foucauld during his trip to Morocco in 1863-1864 (trip after which He wrote "Recognition of the Morocco").
The night you you probably lacerez not the view of the Wadi, the Palm Grove and the Douar... Or simple meeting with the children of the country.

Responsible stance

Vegetarian cooking possible
Guaranteed family kitchen

Our policy is to defend the environment for inclusive and integrated exchanges: we define as priorities all purchases and activities related to civil society, local and regional crafts.

Moreover, our activities lead us to promote reforestation and regeneration of the ecosystem with the reintegration of the Saharan bee with implementation of pilot projects.

This address has been shared on 11/07/2018 by Patrick Simon , the establishment itself.


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