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Maison de Boheme


A charming small shop where to buy original souvenirs in a spirit styled kitsch: jewelry, rugs, cushions, candles to amazing forms... All chosen with care by the owner.

It is quite by chance I discovered this store commitment. I had walked several times attracted the vivacity of colours and originality of the objects of decoration (a little too much for my taste anyway but flamingos is fashionable...). But I had never bought anything, thinking, I admit, that this should not be very local. Again to move to Arles yesterday, and having forgotten my flask on the train, I enter again this shop to watch the pretty little gourd full of flamingos (again!) and which confirms my first impression because it's made in China. Is that because I hesitated long (buy a flask made in China or a disposable plastic bottle - with my options temperatures stop there) the dialog opens with the saleswoman who explains that it is the only object of the shop who be made in China, and that they apply the most possible to find products Made in France, or made in not too far away. I did well to go finally (and yes I bought the gourd...).

Responsible stance

-Part of the jewelry in the shop are handmade by the owner she same;
-The candles to the original forms (virgins, cross of Camargue, flamingos...) come from a candle of Tarascon.
-Cousins also come from Camargue--fans of the brand Bohemia wind, a French brand, Occitan, with a CSR approach and inspiration come from the journey;
-some small furniture are from recycled, refurbished and reinvented by a local designer;

The rest to demand for the saleswoman... But many products come from small local designers or french (others are English or Danish).

Beware however, everything is not local, some items come also from Australia (including flamingos!) and objects of that local are not all particularly involved in social or ecological approach. Do the sorting and especially do you pleasure!

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