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Maison POS

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The POS House is a neighborhood convenience store to the rustic décor, the big sister of the Zingam.

Created in 2010 by the journalist activist Pierre - Olivier Savreux because he "was not what he wanted to eat", it was taken over by two strong sisters who remain faithful to its philosophy. «He must trivialize the super-bon»

Is the opposite of the grocery store of luxury: no concept, no packaging, no cash register, just common sense. All the energy is devoted to the quest for the best fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products, combine... at unbeatable prices.

Responsible stance

Presented to even their crates, (guaranteed without pesticides) products are delivered live farms. This changes everything, both at the level of the cost than taste. Products come direct from the farm.

The vegetables are organic or reported no treaties (for farmers that we know and who cannot finance their certification.

And when the vegetables are too ripe, it actually soup, €1 the portion, for nothing to spoil. People in the neighborhood are not mistaken, they are out there every day.

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