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Mamallena EcoLodge

El Valle de Anton, PANAMA

In the middle of the jungle, close to el Valle, this lodge is the ideal place to spend 3-4 days between walks and rest. You can choose a bed in a dormitory, a basic room or a small cabin along the River, for all budgets.

The place is one of the most beautiful places we visited. However, it is better to know before to not be disappointed, the owner is looking to sell and it feels a bit in the State of the property. Nothing shocking, but sometimes we feel a certain left-go. Not surprising when you know that the landlord has let the reindeer to a 20 year old who struggles alone on the property and who is doing! However, despite this, you die of want to go back.

Responsible stance

The lodge offers vegetarian, has many fruit trees and a vegetable garden as well as a chicken coop. Moreover, the system of waste sorting is very very thorough, until you have 2 bins in toilets, one for the paper that goes to the compost and another for the rest. Moreover, in the kitchen you can see the shell egg washed, that waiting to be reduced in crumb, then they also added to the compost.

The water of the institution is provided by an independent underground source.

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