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Mangal Hostel


Mangal hostel is located in Dibulla, a village between Palomino and Riohacha. It's the perfect place for a break off the beaten path, or as a base for visiting the rest of the region. The hostel is located 50 m from the beach and 10 min walk to a river where you can swim.

We loved out of the loop classic of backpackers to get here 3 days in an authentic village, where there is not much to do except enjoy a deserted Beach and discover the reality of Colombia, far from the tourist cities.

The hostel is absolutely lovely and very open to a space finally small enough. We feel the leg of Giada everywhere, for our greatest pleasure. You can choose a dormitory or a private room lovely. The big plus: delicious and hearty breakfast and if you like dinners family just as delicious and hearty, with friendliness and joviality and more. Told you that Giada was Italian...?

NB: Although you can store a few items in the fridge, the kitchen is not intended as a common kitchen, which was finally not bother us, since the family dinners and breakfast are great. For lunch we got salads of tomatoes.

Responsible stance

TRASH, sorting and recycling
In the region, and even more in a small town, tell you that the sort is not planned. But Giada does his best and reuses little loan anything that can be - of sorting out in the kitchen at bottom. It envisages the creation of compost to grow more things in the garden, but with the heat and the beasts, still thinking.

DECO and CONSTRUCTION: between recycling and natural
In addition to reuse everything, some of the furniture was created on site with materials found on the beach. While we were there, we participated in the creation of a small shelf (you find it in the bathroom). And the decoration is also made with materials or recycling objects, all with great taste and a lot of love.
For the rest, many natural materials, especially of wood, which gives a lovely stash to all.

Is sugar in bulk and you can ask a meal veg, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free... anything you want. Giada will always put 4 to help you enjoy his cuisine despite your restrictions. As she understands the difficulties having discovered his intolerance to eggs and milk recently, as well as a serious allergy to pineapple. She cooks with natural products that she finds, to the best of the possibilities of this remote town.

at the moment it is not 100% green products, but a big majority of maintenance is performed with natural products. Also the force of things does that water savings are greatly required, to which sometimes leads also to be creative.

Open 2 months before our visit, tell you that Giada will not stop there, she has lots of plans. The projects to improve the situation of the village: arrange a beach-cleaning and raise awareness, give English courses... In addition to putting in place a gray water and reusage of water filtration system, and a system of renewable energy. There are eager to see all and talk to you.


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